Mrs. Terri Allen » Welcome to Kindergarten! We're ready to SHINE!!

Welcome to Kindergarten! We're ready to SHINE!!

       Kindergarten is a world of fun and learning! This year will bring many new opportunities for us all to work together and learn so much. I believe every child has the potential to become someone great! We will learn together, grow together and become friends.
      This year will be working together to learn how to be a cooperative learner in our classroom.  We will learn to be respectful and helpful to those we work with each day.
      Our day is full of fun while we learn! We sing and dance, we learn to read and write, we count, and we color and paint, and so much more. The funny thing is the children learn during all these things without even knowing they’ve done any work. It’s all fun when you’re five or six.
     Every day is a gift for us to receive and I know that your child will be a blessing to me each day!
     Looking for many blessings!
     Terri Allen