What's Happening

Mrs. Potato Head Guy:
Mrs. Potato Head Guy has been assisting me in teaching our students about a School Counselor's Job. 
Legs: Assist the counselor in walking around the building to discover who is need of help.
Arms: To lend a Helping Hand.
Hair: Represents the fact that the counselor wears lots of hats or has a variety of jobs.
Nose: To remind students and adults that we sometimes need to just stop and take a deep breath.
Eyes: To see who needs help or who is exhibiting great character.
Ears: To listen....the MOST IMPORTANT part of a the School Counselor's Job.
Mouth: Information shared with the counselor is Confidential unless it is reported that someone is abusing you or you are hurting yourself.
Pink Purse/Bag: You never know what the counselor might use from her "bag of tricks" to help you see things more clearly.