Meal Prices & Menus

Meal Prices     Regular                                                       Reduced
Breakfast        $1.50 (all Campuses)                                   $0.30
Lunch             $2.40 (CES & CIS) $2.70 (CJH & CHS)        $0.40

Cafeteria Information
Parents, for your convenience, you can prepay for your child's breakfast and/or lunch using MySchoolBucks Prepayment Service.  Please Click on "LINKS" to get to the website.  You still may go to the cafeteria or send a check or cash with your child. The money will be placed in your child's "account" for use throughout the week.

Milk is $0.75.

Please call Mrs.Tiffany Cantrell, cafeteria manager, if you have any questions (903)567-1513.

For more information, you may want to visit or see the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value List (PDF).
You may download our menus using our menu app at School Lunch by Nutrislice.  
You can also go to to see our menus.